We know the recipe for a successful startup... what ingredient are you looking for?

  • Access to funds
    We know that one of the biggest challenges for startups is initial seed funding... we can help.
    Services provided
    Seed funds
    Provide some/all equity for your start-up company
    Establish intermediary relationship between you and technology investors
    Non-profit joint office club
    I believe you know that shared office space is a big event... We want to turn this idea into a club, where members only need to pay for rent, electricity, Internet, etc. We believe that startups need all the help they can get. With this model, we will have full-time membership starting at $9 a week.
    Services provided
    Rent a chair
    Rent a table
    Rent a bean bag
    Rent office
    Rent a conference room
    Entrepreneurship communities and activities
    This is all the power behind The Startup Kitchen. We have many talents in New Zealand who let us work together, communicate, dream and build ideas. In addition to learning from the best people in the industry in our activities and having fun in table tennis competitions, we also provide something for everyone.
    Services provided
    Sponsored Speakers
    Hold activities?
    Weekend Seminar
    The table tennis match
    Raise funds for the community "soup kitchen", "curry night", etc.

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