We know the recipe for a successful startup... what ingredient are you looking for?


Get Funding

We know one of the biggest challenges a startup faces is initial seed funding... We can help.

Service Offered
  • Seed funding
  • Part/full funding for equity in your startup
  • Partnering
  • Crowd funding
  • Brokering relationships for you with tech investors

Nonprofit Co-working Club

Im sure your aware that co-working office space is the big thing...  We want to 1 up the idea and make it a club where members just cover the costs with the lease, power, internet etc.  We believe startups need all the help they can get, with this model we will have full time memberships starting from $9 a week.

Service Offered
  • Rent a chair
  • Rent a table
  • Rent a beanbag
  • Rent a office
  • Rent a boardroom

Startup Community & Events

This is the whole drive behind The Startup kitchen.  We have a lot of tallent in New Zealand lets collaborate, mingle, dream and build ideas together.  Along with learning from the best in the business in our events and having fun in our table tennis competitions, we offer something for everyone.

Service Offered
  • Sponsored speakers
  • Hosted events
  • Weekend workshops
  • Table tennis competitions
  • Fundraising for the community "soup kitchens", "curry nights" etc.

Get In Touch

We just need a little bit of info to get started. Tell us what you've got in mind and we'll be in touch to schedule a time to learn more about you and your project.